Happy New Year


In 2018, we were able to achieve some major milestones thanks to your continued help and support.

After months of planning and anticipation, O’Brien’s Boulangerie has moved and reopened in Poway!  Located at 13615 Stowe Drive, our state of the art 22,000 square foot facility provides us with enough space and capacity to service our growing list of customers throughout San Diego and parts of Orange County.

Our new building also houses O’Brien’s Café which fabulously showcases a small selection of pastries and breads from our wholesale line in their breakfast and lunch menus as well as a few delicious goodies exclusively made for Café patrons.

O’Brien’s Café is open 6 days a week from 7am to 4pm on weekdays and 7am to 3pm on Saturdays.




Originally located in Del Mar, Obrien’s Boulangerie has relocated twice during its 30 years of being in business; first to Escondido and now to Poway Business Park.  Relocating a growing company is no easy feat and during this transition, all of our bakers and staff really came together to prepare for the move by accommodating our customers with larger orders to prepare for a production shut down which lasted 1 day.  We would like to thank all of our customers who were very accommodating during this transition into our new home and continue to support our growth with their valuable business.



Now that we are all settled into our new home and with the new year upon us, we are looking forward to continuing our mission in the new year with full force. We plan on working hard towards even more success and continue to strive to provide our customers with the same top quality products and service we have come to be known for.


Our facility runs 7 rack ovens which bake approximately 504 loaves simultaneously!


Patrons of O’Brien’s Cafe are welcomed by plush modern-chic seating area…


as well as bar height window seating where customers can take in views of Poway’s majestic mountains while enjoying fresh pastries and coffee as well as delicious sandwiches served on the freshest breads in town.



San Diego Restaurant Week 2019 is fast approaching!  This year’s showcase of 180+ San Diego restaurants and their unique dishes kicks off on Sunday, January 20th and runs through Sunday, January 27th.

Need more breads or samples for Restaurant Week? 

O’Brien’s Bakery Wholesale

Order deadline is 12 pm for next day delivery of most of our items.

Will Call Hours are 8 am to 3 pm at 13615 Stowe Drive, Poway, CA 92064


dutch buns4.jpg

Dutch Crunch breads are made with a soft white bread which is coated with a rice flour topping before baking.  Once in the oven, the rice flour topping bakes to an incredibly crisp crust with a beautiful crackling effect. This beautiful bread is sure to wow any crowd with its great aesthetic as well as delicious taste!

Culinary possibilities are endless with the wide variety of variations we at O’Brien’s Bakery proudly offer, all of which are available for next day delivery.

dutch strip6.jpg

· Torpedos

· Baguettes

· Dinner Rolls

· 2.5lb Rustic Loaf

O'Briens Boulangerie